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@pledis_17 you know what if i wanted to debut as an idol it wouldn't be under your company
@Koreaboo Idol psychologist (according to their other posts) said that this happens frequently in this industry, I… https://t.co/vizg84ef8i
Idol psychologist (according to their other posts) said that this happens frequently in this industry, I hope that… https://t.co/rviYaz12z7
(to put examples - kicking a senior idol out for dating someone FROM THE SAME COMPANY, mistreatment of idols etc et… https://t.co/kjR3VVQhHM
than an idol or performer but unfortunately, the company doesn’t accept mixtapes through the mail. yoongi had to au… https://t.co/6L4ijSdc9g
watching Ingkigayo, i cant help but think, a k-ent company i feel @showbtph r fully aware on how impt an image is t… https://t.co/guEzuArWAk
@aripinkwhen Look.....I don't Stan Treasure ...but I feel like we're teaming up with moas to drag the new bg instea… https://t.co/u1hN8kj40e
I remember the last Dream Show where he cried his eyes out bcs of the uncertainty SM gave NCT Dream. The unit was n… https://t.co/HdlOjdcXOb
@CometStarlight Shizuku enjoys and appreciates the head pats and waves the two off as she heads back inside. “Shizu… https://t.co/bla8qRSVQV
@Westiedustie1 @mochiiii34 correction: the idol didnt apologize, he hid behind the company’s statement. and which s… https://t.co/56nQHEi0KO
@lovefncidols All Idol group is the same at their beginning of career. The famous one should devide the income with… https://t.co/GnMRmYsojN
❤︎ : trainee min yoongi doesn’t know if idol life is for him. he struggles to keep up with the other trainees until… https://t.co/xEJmi1cy8F
i get that ppl are frustrated with mistreatment but i don’t think they think through what it really would be like t… https://t.co/gIxds7wNQE
I love how they hate got7 like their idol is not on the same company as got7❤
@newting101 now it's not the problem of solo or not, the company has treated youngmin unfairly for the whole three… https://t.co/mrQnZ3lDFn
sabi nga nila, magfocus na lang kayo sa mga idol niyo. hindi 'yong bitter-bitter-an kayo kasi walang masyadong cont… https://t.co/lUZflc7Fzj
@ygent_official your company needs to let go of its stupid pride and have treasure go on as many variety shows, mus… https://t.co/Y9N3TKWQ1v
@lilvina89 Listen. I call out my faves when thier wrong. I love hwasa and her music but she NEEDS to educate hersel… https://t.co/w4OGDvrddO
"@BTS_twt is arguably the best idol in the world for the so-called MZ Generation, and Samsung had to do something w… https://t.co/TwzwqBRDjP
@GGUKFEEN @yngiclub @wheeinsnotice Lol ok you go ahead and believe the big corporate company trying to protect thei… https://t.co/nbJJ0rOHrX
@flvrws @mimithemoo @ughbyul So, if Hwas@ does something it's her fault, but if it's an idol from SM, it's the comp… https://t.co/vpCd8VwDW8
@EunChristina @allkpop Sorry to say this but he is not an idol anymore and if i were him i will be mad as well. I'm… https://t.co/EYhSysvCtn
au where taehyung is a ceo at a idol company and hobi is the new dance instructor who got clout cuz he cute or what… https://t.co/HChD1jV4xl
@daeguud Fandom did to recent CA problems. No matter how will you say it or how will you address the issue people e… https://t.co/TLLgj3Ir4I
Grabe talaga ang suicide case sa korea tbvh. Mapa idol or hindi naman idol pero grabe 😭 jusko please support them a… https://t.co/sM1xBHykzr
What people forget is, of course Bang PD and Big Hit make mistakes. They're an indie company, they didn't expect su… https://t.co/Yx6Z4rl3Ca
We approve of the physical distancing message @devobrown 💪 Thanks to you and @DJclymaxxx for bring the tunes and ke… https://t.co/GBiIBIVmo5
Idol JM and Artist TH were partnered up for a project in high school where they exchanged numbers. Years later TH d… https://t.co/xuitQWMW5K
a friendly reminder to you that Taki will be the most succesful BTS fanboy that will not only meet his idols but to… https://t.co/ptVvQngW3T
dm us with your: - name + pronouns - company you'd like to be in - idol you'd like to represent - @
@itsallfangirlin But Yugyeom and JB post stuff on soundcloud? So they’re still getting their art out there. I’m say… https://t.co/HVLFSrpCyq
showing respect and celebrating his bday with headers as if he's ur idol aint the same 🤡 anyways company stans can… https://t.co/qaXjTYJu2S
@plskooaway @machiflwr @bangtanniess_ Yall should be giving lee so man an statur then bc he invented the idol syste… https://t.co/xRjkxKoavC
Communicate with a company if you notice your idol's health or happiness is degrading. Stand up for idols being mis… https://t.co/VKhWWRSjZ3
@ZombyraLP @eikarrramba Niemand redet hier von idol ich rede von wer hat mehr „wert“ für zb ne company
Hold your idol accountable if they say/do something racist, ignorant, sexist, homophobic etc. Communicate with a co… https://t.co/ERBRu2u8c8
@lilichae @jisungsflirt i had a dream that i was a kpop idol, but my company fired me because i kept making dispatc… https://t.co/wwgjDU1E8v
Will they continue as 5vixx? Will they try to find away to be six again? Do they all even want to be six again? Wil… https://t.co/C2FgQRM65d
+ literally no one is forcing you to join this mini celebration, we’re doing this because we appreciate the man who… https://t.co/ijLtD9zOkT
Became the 1st ever Idol to endorse a big cosmetics company (Innisfree).
Also while we’re at it: Big 3 privilege does not mean “my idol had it easy and never worked hard because they cam… https://t.co/nt3eFSwdU2
dont take this seriously bc i'm just thinking but as much as i, a later fan, enjoy the brother groups concept, i fe… https://t.co/9N4FsKg7Sx
We just finished recording the next episode of Idol Chat. Listen Tuesday to find out who won the blueberry, waterme… https://t.co/sJU6aZ2wzj
@lejandroRF Les vacances per la Champions. Ets un professional. Ídol. Gaudeix, company!
@JJAEHYUKE i don’t think that we will make a comeback since our contract with company will end this month. but i ho… https://t.co/pieTeY9sEY
okay you guys should really realise that pnation is not a friggin adoption centre,psy wouldn't just take any abando… https://t.co/PbqKU79lMo
@Melanapoppy @TaesWinterBear3 yeah that’s weird. he’s not a idol, he’s a ceo in charge of a company worth billions.
@RoyalT49609727 @RoyalT49609727 I found this in the Sankaku Channel database! 𝗔𝘂𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗿: sunrise (company) 𝗧𝗶𝘁𝗹𝗲: lov… https://t.co/hksU82dwgl
Exec from idol singer group SKE48’s management company arrested on child prostitution charges https://t.co/cZo7iICzia
it literally makes me sick to my stomach like it is fucking disgusting. fuck all idol elimination shows. if the pre… https://t.co/xaeh5cePzY
On Radio Woking from 6pm today for 2 hours in the company of Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, Billy Idol, Deep Purple… https://t.co/NK4ao8Lur2
srop . just stop and think about how fujcinf weird you are for changing ur layout and wishing hbd to a CEO.. who ar… https://t.co/Kak2Z7bL6s
First no company will let a idol who give them money let go that easily, so his leaving now is because or his contr… https://t.co/kaYEPaSKzB
@enjeesecret @Ionglivebts Why does his position in the company decide whether someone should celebrate his bday or… https://t.co/pyxiFw2OxP
me trying to do an audition to become an idol at a korean company https://t.co/KbO53DqYvH
@zizisbebe @woramx Usually even when an idol is clean and he leaves the group agencies tend to cancel everything an… https://t.co/v5VPWdaWy9
@sevendless @GOT7Official literally everybody treats them better than their own company .dingo .idol radio. all of… https://t.co/L4OSAmyGqz
Jelpi seems to have forgotten that everything they have now is because of vixx. They brought that shit company to t… https://t.co/wdIOBOasSv
rv is the best idol group alive, starts trends, has a flawless discography etc etc. too bad their company doesn’t p… https://t.co/yEJTs1T0ca
So if you say you Stan artist and not a model, read my concern.. an artist or a model or an idol is an entertainer… https://t.co/1KXPhoIg7V
@deadleaves_95 no i don’t. i see him as an idol. bc idols go in ur pfp. not ceos who mistreat and leave out members… https://t.co/72p9xgc0yi
@bamschae right like... good on your idol for having a relatively lenient company?? lack of writing credits =/= an… https://t.co/Q6Ajjx8gTE
Comments on the profile of an Idol who is not allowed to give her own opinion vs comments on the profile of a compa… https://t.co/HOmvEIpCb6
Ppl insult an idol but not her company that does not let her defend herself. Remember: 4 years after AoA's debut,… https://t.co/WEofibFp3U
@hector_company Fote't la lengua oficial pel cul, Compañi. Oficial por la gracia de Dios, com el teu ídol de tomba… https://t.co/PFplZ5Xora
キモチいっぱい #アイドルどっと に書いちゃった⸜(๑⃙⃘'ᵕ'๑⃙⃘)⸝⋆︎* お暇なときにでも読んでください!✏️✨ ↓↓↓ https://t.co/HZhOJcjkLU
so i know i know NOTHING about anything going on with aoa or any of the members but i really hope idols get treated… https://t.co/JNsOVzl48E
@hanema9 @BTS_twt @5ecretNumber Vine management sbg agency company mngkin udh punya "guidance book of kpop star ind… https://t.co/0cx2G6Mtc2
@blinkTreasure1 Lastly leeches your idol have more privilege, first they are under big3. Second they are promoted b… https://t.co/vudRoRhDzj
When I say that Big Hit is on a different league, I mean it! Correct me if I'm wrong but no one from any SK idol co… https://t.co/8fQY6rddz4
@allkpop Guys it's not true only a lie to make out idol and company suffer. Don't believe. Only Bighit can confirm… https://t.co/QAbyAx9o9V
did you ever go all the way to defend an idol from mistreatment/mismanagement and like a week later they talk about… https://t.co/dAOq1yYfYG
I know some of you are desperate for interactions but sorry, maybe some people have their most favorite and hate to… https://t.co/l0HnYV7F3A
Ravn is a lab experiment by the Big Three company CEOs to create the perfect idol in their image by the way. Thats… https://t.co/fJiTHapS7c
they've had collabs with im@s and bandori what's the next biggest idol franchise? it's.. it's utapri.. but after th… https://t.co/7EQQZCPD15
@yasu_ketomos @mayamayadeath Penguin's got it right. Amuse is a production company and Tower Records is a retail ch… https://t.co/VJFRzROqfC
there's smth about having a vlive play in the bg while you're doing other stuff at the same time. it makes it feel… https://t.co/AWch4BIwEq
What can make an Idol group succeed? 1. Talent 2. Good music 4. Sincere attitude of members 3. Supportive company A… https://t.co/BqQtm0fcDl
@charts_k @BTS_twt The way bighit is expanding in all the directions and becoming more than just an idol company.
i dont know what 'dating' has to do with him being out of the company.... just bc hes no longer an idol/celeb doesn… https://t.co/EzviXpETZW
i need a little tiny tan mic drop jungkook to keep my mattel idol jungkook company
@jellyfish_ent you kicked Hongbin out of the group right??? JELLYFISH why are u doing thos to us Starlight??? ViXX… https://t.co/e9mugEjMQ1
@yutaslino I hate it when people think he is only looks and ships. He has so much talent that is sadly not seen eno… https://t.co/7YBIsXWNQ4
Okay so not to be that person but I see so many people with "now we'll never see Bean do this and that again" but h… https://t.co/qOwSRJLDhW
tbh which idol groups who really want to stay with the company...? they probably did it for the group itself and th… https://t.co/FxtPwz5YGQ
@wellbigbang @charts_yg @treasuremembers Ikon situation still makes me mad af💀 I’m going to try to think positive t… https://t.co/AP9mofW2UG
He'll be happier, hopefully, now that he isn't restricted by the company and being an idol. That's all that matters… https://t.co/WjkCsZi8G2
hyunsuk debuted in a boy group under yg entertainment, his dream company since he was young. and he’s leading 11 ot… https://t.co/Q1QZR5XvJz
I became a boy, an Idol to b exact. My bb name is "A-pick boys" and I have this assistance, a trainee from the same… https://t.co/pnTEaPvyJa
@gyuologist I think the company gave him a fake idol birthday ,, companies Hve been exposed for doing that before
still remember all the idol that i almost stanning them and then all their company messing the idol lol im so freaking done with that
@tygulf @nctvisuals Why would Dispatch what stans on their side tho? They’re a news outlet. What would taeyong stan… https://t.co/lunl3m9sRx
Hatsune Miku Greatest Idol Ver. Escala: 1/8 Marca: Good Smile Company Precio: $150 https://t.co/wX4PYHEfPY
Became the 1st ever Idol to endorse a big cosmetics company (Innisfree).
it’s a foreign company that is unable to sue haters across-country. Yet CN entertainment industry is harsh, full of… https://t.co/yAlNNsRKfw
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