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19日前 「CUE!」,1stシングル「Forever Friends」が11月27日にリリース決定。ミニライブイベントも開催 4Gamer

9日前 「CUE!(キュー)」の事前登録が20万人突破。サブキャラクターと声優が公開 4Gamer

18日前 声優育成ゲーム『CUE!』のキャスト16名が歌うオープニング曲をリリース! TOWER RECORDS ONLINE - TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

1日前 「ぷよぷよ!!クエスト」,“ぷよクエ応援会議2019”が11月2日開催予定 4Gamer




Cue the " We were unlucky" Deserved a draw comments from @BarnsleyFC The fact is it's another defeat, still haven't… https://t.co/U47Gv53AKT
@siraysia @cue_sama OK, it's actually titled "no worries" thanks
@FerLondonoH1 Es una cue ya fake, pero ves que de un uribista se puede esperar cualquier cosa parecida o hasta peor 🙄
Cue the Nicky Cowley fist pump
@mattletiss7 cue abuse! Easy to leave it as it is, but miss the common sense and even debate on tight calls. I do n… https://t.co/Cn3o7p2sZU
Cue glee from so called supporters that we’ve let another late one in. Appears some people are happier when we’re d… https://t.co/QKwUnBONIP
@h4yd3nD840 @LambrightWayne These people (Buck and his Democrat elites) literally feast and feed on the blood of yo… https://t.co/srXQEXLqYy
“Me? No way. I’m sure you meet way smoother sweet talkers just working at a place like this. I’m just a naive littl… https://t.co/lqflAcwIFd
8 kena. Kenyang terus. Cue Oasis’ Wonderwall
笑えよ (@ CUE 奈良三条店 - @cue_nara in 奈良市, 奈良県) https://t.co/fcvxWwKA0E
The cue at work is already outside and we don’t open for another 5 minutes.. I can’t already tell it’s going to be a long shift!! 🤦‍♀️
@LindaAI_CUE ベースを弾きながら歌う…スティングですか🤔
Copa Libertadores: el árbitro del primer Superclásico, cue.. @1jl4com - clarincom - Twitter - News - Noticias - Bi… https://t.co/xyhV3fwNXH
Fetö cü Şaban ı benim listemden 11 kişi takip ediyor. Valla biz iflah olmayız. https://t.co/RHK3Ynov8C
@h4yd3nD840 @LambrightWayne Look up what adrenochrome is then look up who Ed Buck is.
I just entered to win McDermott Cue's Cue of the Month Giveaway. You can too by going to https://t.co/AavyGK7dgf https://t.co/CpCVJcW4iR
@LanceZierlein When robots start to use Twitter intelligently, cue the Apocalypse.
@tanin1971 凄いところなんですね。、ゲーム好きには聖地ですね
And cue the firing with the scope aimed at the head. https://t.co/XlvwFalLn0
Thanks to East Bay CUE (computer using educators) for another great learning experience!
@AManicSoul That's because I like to get reminder on how I'm gorgeous when others look like shit. (( Cue the smug face. ))
Gila2 lah KDB ubi chelsea ni padu terukkk
@deerling_exe Night night [Cue baby just snuggling into his pillow.. his room is a big mess though,toys just everywhere.]
〝 so, why bring it up? 〞 cue the scoff. he should stop, though — before things eventually escalate again. the colo… https://t.co/NRnOXHMXuC
/ Toni found herself huffing under her breath in frustration, tongue dragging along her lip. I now understand why… https://t.co/sZyVM4zxd9
Hoy sábado, el Presidente y los Directores de la Essap, verifican los trabajos que se realizan en el barrio Zeballo… https://t.co/8TFseIvDR5
Awesome prizes at #cooltools2019! Can’t wait to learn from some amazing speakers. #merit17 #cue https://t.co/5V6B46vwx1
Bull mf shit I told yo ass I miss you!!! That was yo mf cue!!! BUT NAH YOU BEIN FAST https://t.co/Z6QujO6dLX
Fell out of bed this morning after some weird dreams, I took that as my cue to get up
あと、「山火事」という特殊用語を知りました(笑)。 もう、誰がうまいことを言えと。
@Everton Hopefully Marcel Brands will drive Silva to the dole cue on Monday morning. This man has not got a clue to… https://t.co/u8tek1tSo7
🔵 Acusa @alejandromurat que ex gobernadores dejaron endeudado a #Oaxaca. ®️ El gobernador de Oaxaca recriminó a su… https://t.co/8AdfJHcQdJ
@WilliamHaveron Being their caretaker, I believe that is their way of demonstrating their love and affection and be… https://t.co/c6VLvLb7Io
hoy napaka galing ko mag ig at twitter parang walang cue cards na ginagawa a?
@EzgiAka31696352 @yavuzagiraliog HDP işbirliğine sıcak bakmayan birisini eleştirip Atatürk'çü olduğunu mu iddiaa ediyorsun?
what a beautiful day! *cue sound of lawn mowers*
@kellyrued Story will be Weslina tries to ditch Buttercup when she meets Humperdinck cause he's got power and statu… https://t.co/TZFiVMafjC
@ofregrcts cue a light nudge. ❛ what are you doing here alone ? ❜
Cue Watford players offering some sort of financial apology/settlement to the travelling fans.
「江戸川の恐怖」というのものを後輩に説かれ、あの川幅ではそうなるよな…と納得した本日でした。 関東地方の交通網、いろいろ考えさせられるなあ。
@Kilicimkeskin @atillakara35 Ama Atatürk çü bir insan vicdan sahibidir şuan şaşırdım ben yanlış anladım olabilirim
Cue all the tweets crying about sportsmanship and citeh didn't have to score that many.
@BennyBoygr Dunno why anybody would flick a bit of cue under the table?!!
You're not the only one...oh don't worry, Swapneel isn't here to press the Cue button. 😛 3. @GabrielNDresden feat… https://t.co/Re2lWu5KHy
@AnonymousJourn9 @cue_bono Good old Piers Corbyn. More sense than his daft brother.
No, we need adults to belittle the work of children to save the planet, that's what we need (apparently...) The peo… https://t.co/vJ3hy6pbCd
Fucking @UnaiEmery_ that could not beat @WatfordFC Take a cue from Pep Guardiola on how to do it next time #Arsenal
@MizzJones_01 I asked her what she was doing...cue much spitting and swearing
This just in... #popculture #entertainment Batman Day Takes Flight Worldwide, ‘Joker’ Takes Cue From ‘Catwoman’… https://t.co/2KQfgNKaDE
Love the adjustments of the game day experience today. I love the cue lines for concessions and the rally towels in the student section.
三条cueのいいところ ・指2台 ・モンエナ実質110円
@iintyo21 CUEのアルバム欲しいんだけどイベント限定なのどうにかしてくれませんか?
山形なんて数年前までそんなカメラ屋があって、とうとう潰れたと思ったら居抜きで入ったのが唐揚げが売りの大衆酒場っちゅう… ひと頃はそんな店もチェーン展開してて、初めてのペンタックスであるZ-20p を買ってもらったのも、そのチェーンの名取店。
CUE DREAM JAMBOREEってどんなのって聞かれたら、ジャニーズでいうとカウコン、宝塚でいうとタカスペ、テニミュでいうとドリライ
Batman Day Takes Flight Worldwide, ‘Joker’ Takes Cue From ‘Catwoman’ https://t.co/VODaw2qVD6 https://t.co/1ebolQ4LMF
Ok when you hit @expochicago, head over to #EricFirestoneGallery and see #MimiGross’ Waiting Behind The Bullpen, 19… https://t.co/mDUm2GvTa5
Biz para ve vekillik için eşimizi kullanmayız 'FETÖ'cü Hakan Şükür. Vekillik için eşini kapatan, sonra ABD'ye kaçın… https://t.co/UDufkt4ZPI
@LindaAI_CUE (いつもより一回り大袈裟なテンションで)なんと! ありがとうございます!
'FETÖ'cü Hakan Şükür bu yazdığımıza cevap vermiş, sonra özel mesajdan hakaret edip engellemiş. Erkekliğin 10'da 9'u… https://t.co/6VlIoiRVlg
16:38 Cue Everton fan meltdown....
Been watching the City game, gosh Watford are atrocious* *cue a 2-0 Watford away win at Molineux win next week
@markwil147 @British_Airways I wouldn't put my snooker cue in the hold ! If something happens to it ? It would be… https://t.co/QFYALPHr8G
@hulyotres @_mvltiple Teka lang. Nagpapatugtog na ko ng Normani, Lizzo, at Ariana dito para ma-hype. *cue pussy stunting music*
Batman Day Takes Flight Worldwide, ‘Joker’ Takes Cue From ‘Catwoman’ https://t.co/3YRFOAAO4f https://t.co/qckPLFfEVn
#Batman Day Takes Flight Worldwide, ‘Joker’ Takes Cue From ‘Catwoman’ https://t.co/BIjpQNNIEp https://t.co/C2d3TWf4Ft
Add 👇🏾 Sarkodie - U and Me ft. Kojo Cue Sarkodie - Workshop https://t.co/oquVhpeQQY
Deadline News: Batman Day Takes Flight Worldwide, ‘Joker’ Takes Cue From ‘Catwoman’ https://t.co/2tvoeFGyN4 via… https://t.co/JSS0643CzK
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