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悪魔たちとの非日常生活を楽しもう!キャラクターたちがあなたのそばで、笑い、泣き、そして、友達になれたら?恋人になれたら?魅力的なキャラクターたちからメッセージや電話が届く!キャラクターたちがあなたの生活に溶け込んでいく、それがObey Me!の最大の特徴です。


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@Jayspinion @RightWingWatch John 14:15 “If you love me, you will keep my commandments. In other words "OBEY
@Jayspinion @RightWingWatch so you dont obey your puppet master? After he threatens you with love me or burn in hell? if not then you havent read your bible. ;D He says 'Do as I say not as I do". I actually read the entire bible.. have a nice day
@Obey_Zee Miss you calling me zaddy but you left me for her 🥺
"I am...Zero. Obey me. If you do, I'll save you." me (Zero)
Who’s ready to play some Christmas games? My favorite: obey me and buy me Christmas presents findom findomme paypig reimbursement footfetish tribute feet cashcow humanatm femdom acceptingpaypigs @rtfindom @slavekane @PayPigRetweet @Brun0Parent @RTsubby @promoslave https://t.co/C53LtttWDx
@prosperanang @MadeInA71530217 @JennaEllisEsq @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump You didn't tell me there is a god or whatever imaginary creature you obey.... you just claimed that that imaginary creature has victory.. although, they were NOT on the ballot, were they? So, as I stated, you sound crazy!
Ya me dio hueva tomar fotos y pues hay varias chácharas ( playeras) igual en excelentes condiciones. Obey, Crooks&Castle, Billonare Boys Club, y otras marcas buena bonitas y baratas pero nunca para gatas. Todas a 200 c/u pregunta y te mando foto.
suficientes fanarts de obey me para subirme la serotonina por hoy a dormir
if you are a man and you follow me, you are obligated to subscribe to my Onlyfans. https://t.co/WZ9sAFBefE obey me 💅🏾
when i finish this semester and start making obey me fan art to give satan the couture moment he deserves https://t.co/MdPPLapYSy
I understand his depression. He is living on borrowed time. His quality of life is severely curtailed. I am giving him the support he needs. The support he didn't give me. Which makes it hurt more. I just totally hate this life. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT
@Obey_my_crOWd i think so lol just a lot for me
@KEROpaca I've been able to meet so many amazing people through Obey Me, including Satoshi 😊💛
For he that woe delights in choler, we’ll draw love, And apprehend thee: Obey, and fetch drier logs: Call me occasion.
@DigiDemii Omg I’m so happy with this tweet😂 I always tried to stay in lanes and obey traffic lights! I loved it, driving games made me want to be a taxi driver when I was older hahaha. Spoiler: I’m not a taxi driver
@GeigerNews I don't know, call me old fashioned but my parents taught me to follow the rules and obey the law. Anything else is anarchy. It should not be what we want for our country and our kids.
I think us dudes who play Obey Me should take the Devildom over and kiss all of their demons idc /hj
One of the hardest things for me to do is: forgiving people who aren’t even sorry for the pain they’ve caused me. However I will obey God’s commandments and do so..... Don’t get it twisted though because forgiveness doesn’t require reconnection🤷🏾‍♀️
Jonh 12:48 He that rejecteth Me and receiveth not My words, hath One that judgeth him; the Word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the Last Day. (Please try and obey Jesus's words) https://t.co/tDJPbiqFUv
@KUR00C0RE bea el obey me se puede reiniciar D:
bummy verification video to show you I’m real 😭 no attention from me unless you tribute($30) $luvyouluveme must be willing to serve and obey •findom findomme footslave paypig humanatm cashslave finsub beta cuck finD https://t.co/PiZsq7ZaDz
I would love to be a owned sissy slave 24/7 open to the public vote with what ever was to happen to me each and every day with no say in anything only to obey. With a owner overseeing of course to make sure I was doing my job or facing the consequences
Not me befriending very talented obey me cosplayers and sending them funny tik toks about obey me
@joemigphotos @JaneTied I would love to be a owned sissy slave 24/7 open to the public vote with what ever was to happen to me each and every day with no say in anything only to obey
When you fight, you must respect your opponent, not obey him. ...Besides, you knocked me out so quickly, I hardly touched you.
@dentistdoom i don’t struggle w addition or anything but sometimes it is very very tempting to spend more money on this and obey me now that i earn enough to just do that atm🧍🏽‍♀️
People of the Capital Wasteland, it is I, Three Dog, your ruler! Hear me, and obey! Oh sorry, that's that other radio station.
I got Belphegor not surprisingly. Exactly why we couldn't be together 💔 literally nothing would ever get done. 💤 Still love him though. Which character from Obey Me! are you? https://t.co/sHDbB3zjln
That weirdo Aeolus has made a career out of defending pedophiles. First he boots me from Obey because I was bullying Travy and then he jumps ship and profits big time off of Kiwiz. Dude is a clown.
AHORA TENGO Q SER NIVEL 31 TE ODIO OBEY ME oss lo mejos q me paso grasias
@fractalfrogJRT She (I have assigned her arbitrary gender) appears settled in. The cats give her appropriate respect. She is not particularly afraid of me. When I went to toss the carcass, I had to gently negotiate my presence on the deck. She's not eating the corn with the meal worms, tho.
yves: yeah me: you command and i obey queen
President paaaa we de call you your excellency mzbel you de take eat. Me sef I be common floor meme er for Ghana here I no get money, I no go like eat mzbel cOs menum y3 me d3 na wo Ex President. Kai
Jeremiah 34:14 “Every seven years each of you must free any fellow Hebrews who have sold themselves to you. After they have served you for six years, you shall set them free.” But your ancestors did not obey me or pay any attention to me.
Daily Prayer by Billy Graham Teach me to deny my selfish desires and obey Your commandments, Lord Jesus. Cleanse me so that I might be used to penetrate society deeply for You. Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. James 1:22 … https://t.co/oNQ5D2ekMG https://t.co/4FNw9UoziZ
People worship what they fear, hence they worship me completely without compromise. Who is like the beast, who can make war with him. This is why they are so apprehensive in their approach, hence they honor me in silence and obey me in its solace. The fallen one is the only one.
@BRXXNWXSHED If you do im gonna copy your quirk and make you obey me😈
@jemccudden @Mr_Tasker "I was called a “white slag” & “white c***” as they beat me. They made it clear that because I was a non-Muslim, and not a virgin & because I didn’t dress “modestly”, that they believed I deserved to be “punished”. They said I had to “obey” or be beaten." https://t.co/IJwsFLsbXD
@CappyBat @MammonsCityGirl Im quite aware of that demoncest is the only tag ship they have for the Obey Me fellas so I use it for that. Honestly I dislike the term myself for that reason. Until they get a new term for it though im stuck using it. :/
New chapter of Wolf At Your Door is up, as Mammon tries to prevent Tabby from biting Diavolo's face off 👀 The law catches up with Belphie but what happened to Levi? 😱 Wolf is my Obey Me fic told by both Mammon and Tabby, and is rated E! #obeyme https://t.co/J7WgmdBJhJ https://t.co/wHDtGvy6mI
Here is my verification video for all stupid fuckers who think I’m fake. I know you can’t stand a perfect Goddess like me. 💋👑 Obey and start sending.🐷💸 https://t.co/3eC1nMyZJe amazon gf: mariamikulic12@gmail.com findom finsub paypig humanatm https://t.co/aKpEl22W2U
pr noël, offrez moi des merch obey me
What do you mean Obey Me has songs now? I left for a bit less than a year wtf https://t.co/2yZrBFcWcu
no me meto al obey me desde como agosto o septiembre XD
Can’t believe me really have to get Back a scotia account 🤦🏽‍♂️
@lordgrindleford @BWSchank @JeffPassage @AgapeAO @dearlyseye John 14:15 - Jesus said : “If you love Me, you will obey what I command.” John 14:23–24 Jesus said: “If anyone loves Me, he will obey My teaching………. he who does not love Me, will not obey My teaching.”
So who's going to gently bully me into submission and remind me I just want to be a good girl and obey?
I'm working on my obey me cosplays and I'm so excited. Due to the pandemic I had no motivation and put my passion on hold, so this is a big step for me❤
me going grocery shopping with my boyfriend is like that calvin and hobbes strip where calvin's mom tells him to get in the bathtub so he jumps in the empty tub and says "I obey the letter of the law if not the spirit."
@nynmara OMG THEN LET ME TELL YOU my husband saw me playing Obey Me for about 2 months, and then , with the anniversary he decided to start playing. A week later he is already learning to work with Paint Tool Sai to make art with his male MC.
Okay I need to say this. Obey Me twt and espacially the Hexagon has corrupted me, this is zero Obey Me related but as I was shading this all I could think about is how I get Hexa and Tantan vibes from the two of them. AM I OKAY? I want this again but with two Satan's and my MC https://t.co/MkWB3IZUyv
More and more Barca making me feel like an Arsenal supporter
@ScreechIsGross They also dont seem to be in the obey me fandom so probably a random troll that thinks theyre the funniest person on earth
@PdxPestle I told conspira-spouse about a dream last night that he was coughing up scorpions, and he called me a monster and I thought well after all these years thanks for finally noticing.
@howlswind Tava pesquisando aleatoriamente por obey me aqui no Twitter e achei seu post. Ainda quer ajuda?
Can’t wait until my birthday comes back around I’m gonna show tf ouuuutttt do you hear me ♊️😈
The fact that minors play obey me and wanna run shit in the fandom doesn’t sit right with me.
@obey_little @resultsboy @AdamMyerson @Vaughters Fuck me , really? Good lord we have really fucked up with this whole "masculinity" thing haven't we?
@VanNoy6 @cwillardsmoot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ewwwwwwwww Can't believe this seemed acceptable to me, and their explanations that didn't mock up, with the explanations. Scarcity of husbands on Earth, raising up seed. OBEY OR I'LL SLAY YOU WITH MY SWORD!! ...to God's perfect marriage plan in the eternities. 😇🐺 https://t.co/hckhDSoRqJ
Me compre helado ahora si a estudiar porque después quiero jugar obey me y mlqc
@Knowledge_Said @showNprove7 @chayilyahudah @tariqnasheed Yeah I havent gone through anything yet because you started asking other questions. 😅 and again im replying back because you replied back to me. I can leave you hanging if you like but im usually nicer than that sometimes.
@obey_ivy_nicole @showNprove7 @chayilyahudah @tariqnasheed Well it has been a good exchange sister. Feel Free to follow, from the looks of your account you love Black People alot and thats all that matters to me.
nobody asked but these are my favorite obey me cards i own, absolutely criminal too because satan is my favorite https://t.co/HhPsIfuSOR
The amount of money I’ve spent on shoes in a 10 day span.... pack me tf up smfh
3.7k! If even just an eighth of you sent $5 today, I'd have a $2.3k day. It's honestly so disappointing knowing how many lurkers are chilling on that list. Today's task: Congratulate me in monetary form, I don't even care how much you send, just send. Let's see how many obey. 🤔 https://t.co/Bhh26XKSVa
@Knowledge_Said @showNprove7 @chayilyahudah @tariqnasheed You actually have. Literally this whole time. In this thread again you went on about the simple terms and examples I used. It wasnt good enough for you. Im replying back because you are replying to me and you arent annoying enough to block.
angel playing obey me: angel: if you love me mammon then give me a fucking UR card angel: *gets a UR card* angel: SHUT THE FUCK UP
🎀 Admin • I love video games (grew up with PS + Nintendo) • I play PC RPG/Co Op games, PS RPG games and just recently into Obey me since mammon’s birthday event 2020 • on a rare occasion I cosplay (Pluto, OM Satan, Lara Croft) • I like to write short stories (thriller)
@MammonsCityGirl I like demoncest but when I draw it I tag it, that way people who have the word muted wont have to see it. Also....lot of Adults play Otome games..Their is sexual inuendo in Obey Me...soooo of course theres gonna Adult fans Like sorry the world dont revolve around them rofl xD
Hold up! In one chapter, for a play the MC is casted as the male protagonist in said play and then in another chapter, in one of Levi’s games, the MC is in the game filling in a the main female protagonist. ‘Obey Me’ really said ‘fuck gender roles’ huh? I love this game. 🥺💜
@itsamisterlee "I was called a “white slag” & “white c***” as they beat me. They made it clear that because I was a non-Muslim, and not a virgin & because I didn’t dress “modestly”, that they believed I deserved to be “punished”. They said I had to “obey” or be beaten." https://t.co/IJwsFLsbXD
@obey_ivy_nicole @showNprove7 @chayilyahudah @tariqnasheed That's your interpretation. I never once belittled you dismissed your intelligence, called you out your name, or cursed at you (like you did with me). If I'm so horrible acting to you my sister and so mean and hateful why are you continuing to speak with me?
saudade d obey me mas n consigo superar o desmaio d luci p continuar os cap
@Knowledge_Said @showNprove7 @chayilyahudah @tariqnasheed I also didn't say nor insinuated anyone calling me dumb. I have stated over and over again that I've had these questions. Found and asked experts and they understood to use layman's terms and examples that would make sense to me.
Was sitting outside in the way too cold gloaming, watching my chickens do their evening peck, and feeling pleased as they stopped by to cluck friendly things to me. This life we're all supposed to strive at, working and being successful and all that shit, it really is shit.
Thanks to my SNK + Obey Me mutual, Obey Me is soon gonna be added back in the games that will ruin my life.
i haven’t played obey me in over a week bc i lost my VIP subscription and it makes me saaaadddd face emojjjjiiii
@Knowledge_Said @showNprove7 @chayilyahudah @tariqnasheed You keep shooting me down for using simple and layman's terms forgetting im a regular person who has had these things explained in simple terms with examples that would make sense to me. And you didn't like it so it's fuck what they know and what they told me.
If anyone’s down to make new friends hit me up 😅🤙🏽
Rev 9:15-21 No one can help you not to go through the judgement of God, if you repented not And you can say, he or she make me do it, because you should have known better.. to obey God and not men. Child who knows nothing, needs a parent who will lead.. #Jew #Christian #YouTube
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