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Wanna be black sooo bad!! Still can’t believe y’all let her become famous 🤢 https://t.co/S5a7tLIxBZ
Whenever they don’t have my Stella Rose Black so I have to get the next best thing. 😕 @yaayaaloveu https://t.co/D2MefmqsAY
They was completely out of the black Stella Rosa 😩
@JoelPostbad Quelques autres tant qu’a faire: stella cox ,rae lil black ,little caprice ,krystal boyd , ella knox, mihanika, sasha foxxx
If you enjoyed our episode on The Black Jacobins (https://t.co/iz1k9DDxdA) and our bonus with Lesley Curtis on Stel… https://t.co/lvHbEsa62u
@Stella_grooves @tindofish I love black pudding..... Is that same thing? Looks like a blood sausage https://t.co/yAKdvs43x4
Oh boy that Stella Rose Black taste like straight juice, not wine
@_eehcac her wine is good but just not my preference. Stella Rose Black is probably the best tho.
@ohbboy Your Harem is Konpaku Youmu, Stella Vermillion, Sakagami Tomoyo and Balalaika (Touhou/Rakudai Kishi no Cava… https://t.co/8UiLVNhjMc
@SEAUXNiyia_ Castello del poggio moscato , Stella rose black , Risata, Flore De Moscato California Those are all my favorites
Stella rose black disgusting... y’all hype anything
@SouljaBigDraco Not even a good juice that Stella rose black disgusting
@Black_Thicken うわぁぁぁぁあッッッッッ!!!!!こちらこそありがとうございます😭😭😭 そしてフォローありがとうございます(震え声) こんな変人ですけど仲良くして下さると嬉しいです🥺💓💓💓
@Stella_grooves i'm black and i don't know what the f$@k that is
Stella Maxwell in a Short Black Synthetic Fur Jacket Heads to Lunch with a Friend at The Smile in NYC 10/24/2018… https://t.co/NRD7Letrcs
負けました!!!!!!!あゆちゃんに当てられました!!!!!!!改めまして答えはコチラです👇👇👇 Stella BLACK OR WHITE SCRAMBLE GAMBLE センセンフコク ピースサイン ハイヤーグラウンド 誰か… https://t.co/Ng641pVowj
Stella Maxwell in a Black Bra Does a Photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret at Times Square in NYC 10/31/2018… https://t.co/MmDotbGIOk
@JassKayy That Stella Rose Black and Hennessy has me so hungover lol
@EN_PRIVATE TV HD Cuckold Lives (2017) [@ES_PRIVATE] Stella's Boobs & Cleavage Looks So HEAVENLY in That Elegant G… https://t.co/rzAiQ50qjq
@3ta2556_ Stella black or White Scramble gamble センセンフコク ピースサイン ハイヤーグラウンド 誰かの心臓になれたなら? 君の神様になりたい? ブリキノダンス? 六兆年と一夜物語 かな、、、? 難しい、、、です。
@OgMaac That one , the Stella black , Stella peach .. all of them 100/100 recommend. Really the whole line 😭
Stella Maxwell in a Black Leather Jacket Was Seen Out in Milan 02/22/2019 https://t.co/wCZtQ4nHlS https://t.co/i7AjZ6j9Lt
This one found a connect for beer but there’s only black label & no Stella left. I mean if I could drink black labe… https://t.co/pLh7J1Z6Co
Me : So you want to go to Hestia's Black antechamber. Stella : Yup i really like the Azure alligator there. Me:… https://t.co/x3eKQfd3bQ
Stella Maxwell in a Black Leatheh Jacket Was Seen Out in New York City 05/08/2019 https://t.co/wCZtQ4nHlS https://t.co/cQB7hZIkt7
@Stella_grooves Maybe you are black from another planet
Stella Maxwell in a Black Top Arrives at the Versace Show in Milan 06/15/2019 https://t.co/wCZtQ4nHlS https://t.co/uCuBUo9xmS
Hennessy mixed with Stella Rose Black..👌🏾
I just saw a woman on Tik Tok use Stella rose black in her Risotta. That shit is sweet. Why would you.... ????? https://t.co/nYNj1A2eMl
Should of never mixed dusse and Stella black! I’m addicted
Stella Maxwell in a Black Leather Jacket Was Seen Out in Paris 07/01/2019 https://t.co/wCZtQ4nHlS https://t.co/NBtS0fjD7j
Had Vida try my Stella Rosa Black, he looks at me like this 😳 & goes “awwww shiiiiiit, thats my shit now” 😂 BRUH
@edith10vargas Stella Rosa Black is my favorite! It tastes exactly like juice
@MKupperman @davidpom2000 I know. I love the film. Esp. George Pepper (sic, my grandad met him on set of Blue Max.… https://t.co/aktDu7xK3Z
@Khanh10780733 @DH69xXx the black hair girl is jasmine jae and other one is stella cox (not sure)
Stella サビのメロディーがすごいすき。
Me : So you want to go to Hephaestus's Black study. Stella : Yup i really like the Azure llama there. Me: Go w… https://t.co/oWiMxE9aig
Suggestion: Pair Stella Rosa Black with dark chocolate, then thank me later 😉
Stella berry & peach tonight since there was no black 🍷
What’s y’all favorite red wine ? Don’t say Stella Rosa black it doesn’t do anything for me.
That Black Stella my fav. Hands down. Especially when it’s on chill.😍
that stella black does the trick every single time
Stella Maxwell in a Black Leather Jacket Leaves Dinner at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood 12/28/2019… https://t.co/N6idoRcaSz
@kreame1 @DeanObeidallah Candy is a black Stella Kübler. She would’ve loved to rat Anne Frank out considering how she admires Hitler
Stella Maxwell in a Black Sneakers Was Seen at LAX Airport in Los Angeles 03/05/2020 https://t.co/wCZtQ4nHlS https://t.co/FMR3xRxVVq
Stella Rose Black & Hennessy... 🔥 ass combination
It took all my might to drink that Remy & Stella Black last night ! 🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣
@NaturalHairMgc Right now I’m stuck on Stella Rosa Black. I haven’t tasted any other recently that I know the name… https://t.co/I78BJl7Ju9
🎶I could be red, or I could be yellow. I could be blue, or I could be purple. I could be green or pink or black or… https://t.co/TpC0aYsbBW
I’ve tried all the Stella. I only like Mixed Berry, Peach and Black. I haven’t tried watermelon or apple
this black stella rose taste like juice baby.
@LondonArmoni_ @stellarosawines Hmm I don’t believe so! Is it 🔥 or 🔥 lol. I’ve had Stella Rosa black,red,red apple,… https://t.co/BOQI9FrMmM
I been drinking josè Cuervo and black Stella rose yeah I feel good asl🥴
i had stella rosa pink, watermelon, tropical mango and black. out of all of them i like the black the most🍷
@dxizee Stella Rose Black, Barefoot Pink Moscato & Moscato cupcake is good
Sooo yea after trying the Stella Rosa Black I have to say......it’s not as good to me as y’all made it out to be. I… https://t.co/6VAaamZSYr
Stella Rosa Black + Henny + a splash of sprite= this shit hittin!
Ima get me some Stella Rosa Black wine tomorrow
Stella rose black is good asf
@black_kinhomu ひっ…そんな隠密がstellaにいたなんて………
Man that Stella Rosa black soooo MF good.
Stella Rosa Black Is Sooo 🔥
@DeadlyGawjuzz__ @ebshpr I second the Arbor mist, Stella rose black is my favorite, and Roscato
wine float = get stella rose black and french vanilla ice cream and make it like a normal float >>>> my neo is a bartender & put me on
@Mor_Gunn oh sis get stella rose black and french vanilla ice cream and make it like a normal float >>>> my neo is a bartender & put me on
@vukiliamoon Yesss. I was thinking of this chocolate earlier but I couldn’t remember what it was called but it’s th… https://t.co/dmX3h7HzDc
Stella Rosa Black + Absolute is a vibe 🥰
@daammnblac_ I took a few shots and chased it with the Stella rose black 😩😩
@cyberbbymad Your Harem is Aihara Enju, Yume, Stella Vermillion, Mikasa Ackerman and Kino Makoto (Black Bullet/Hai… https://t.co/e6Lv7UIvIV
@Cieraaa_JS It was apothica. I've had stella rosa before and it wasnt too bad. It was in a black bottle
Stella Rosa black is my new favorite wine 🍷 🖤
@lil_sad_eyes I RARELY drink, but wine... boy stella rose black will make you feel amazing 😭
Tried Stella rose black for the first time tonight... I’d drink again 👌🏾
@TheONLYChrisFYE Stella Rosa Black &’ pink moscato
I am have to start buying the Stella Black wine in bulk cause I really want a glass right now.
Stella Black gone hit every time. 🥴
Now I see why it’s never no Stella rose black in the stores anymore 🙄
Okay so I found the Stella Rosa Berry & I got the black because I heard it’s good too 😩 im bout to be a wine drinking ass
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